Shanghai Clirik Machinery has signed a contract with Estonia customers and will provide with industrial continuous tyre/tire pyrolysis plant and pyrolysis carbon black grinding line.

To solve the pollution and protecting the environment caused by tire, the customer began to find the technology and equipment to turn the tires/tyres into a higher quality energy product from 2010. With the assistance of the Estonian Embassy in China, Estonia and Shanghai Clirik Machinery client made contact after the trip of Estonia's general manager and senior engineer spoke highly of Shanghai Clirik Machinery industrial continuous scrap tire pyrolysis oil technology and equipment in pyrolysis and purification advanced and international leading technology.

tyre pyrolysis carbon black grinding

The two sides on November 19, 2013 in Shanghai Clirik Machinery signed the first phase of the project in the amount of processing 10,000 tons of waste tire/tyre pyrolysis production line contract.

The entire export Estonia cracking process production line is divided into eight systems, namely tires crushing system, heating system thermostat cycle, continuous pyrolysis system, gas purification systems, flue gas purification systems, carbon black production systems, control systems, and oil product purification system.

The production line machinery safety directives get all the European CE certification, under the premise of safety and environmental protection, 24 hours a day feeding, discharging, low production cost, high degree of automation, high operational safety factor devices, gas emissions in full compliance with EU standards.

After pyrolysis, the pyrolysis carbon black using one set HGM100 carbon black grinding mill, get fully recycled and maximize the benefit and profit. 

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