Carbon black iron separator

Carbon black iron separator

Type  :  CXJ dry carbon black iron separator       Capacity  :  1-30 t/h

Application field  :  Carbon black iron separator used to separate high intensity magnetic ore of pyrolysis carbon black. 
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Carbon black iron separator

CXJ carbon black iron separator, worked with HGM carbon black grinding mill, is one part of carbon black production line,  used to separate high intensity magnetic ore of pyrolysis carbon black.It is applicable to separating iron in metallurgy, coal industry, mining, insulation material, cement industry, chemistry, building material, food industry, and etc. In this separator, material is fed in the same direction as the drum rotates.

This carbon black iron separator is of large processing capacity and is good at selecting and refining medium-large-granularity (<=10mm) high-intensity magnetic material, recovery of heavy magnetic medium, and removing iron from mineral.

It exploits high-performance permanent-magnetic Nd-iron-boron material as the magnetic source, has the characteristics of high-intensity magnetic field, strong attraction force and high separating efficiency. And it is free of maintenance, economical, safe and reliable.It is able to adjust and control the amount of material to be fed, and is applicable to different material granularity.

Drawing of carbon black iron separator :

carbon black iron separator

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