A whole and complete waste tyre carbon black production line in Brazil provided by Shanghai Clirik Machinery. The whole line includes pyrolysis equipment to get the carbon black from the tyre, carbon black grinding mill to grind the carbon black into super fine powders. 

Rough flowchart and practical needs on carbon black production line:

1.  2 sets of  waste tyre pyrolysis equipment plant, capacity 30 t/d, get tyre carbon black

2.  2 sets of HGM100 carbon black grinding mill to grind carbon black into needed powders.

3. final output size come out from HGM100 carbon black grinding mill: 1200 mesh  

4. 2 sets of HGM100 carbon black grinding mill capacity: 5 t/h in total

carbon black production line

carbon black production line

General cost and application of pyrolysis equipment plant and carbon black grinding mill:

2 sets of pyrolysis equipment plant cost about 3, 500,000 dollars

2 sets HGM100 of  carbon black grinding  mill costs about 230,000 dollars

This is a large project and supported by the government, implemented by one large company. All the waste tire are sent to this company, free and the output carbon black powder is used in painting industry, in our daily life, the pen ink, print ink, used such powder as raw material. 

Shanghai Clirik Machinery devoted to carbon black processing and grinding solution. You are alwyas warmly welcomed to contact or visit us .Our engineers will design the most suitable solution for your project.

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