Ball Mill Grinder Machine For Carbon Black Powder

Ball Mill Grinder Machine For Carbon Black Powder

Type  :  Dry ball mill grinder machine for carbon black       Capacity  :  0.65-100 t/h

Application field  :  Carbon black crushing processing, non-metallic mineral milling, new building materials, cement, refractory materials, non-ferrous metals and glass ceramics, etc. 
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Ball Mill Grinder Machine For Carbon Black Powder

What is a ball mill?

The carbon black ball mill grinder machine is a device that destroys the raw materials to make the particles smaller after being mined or broken into small pieces. As can be understood from its name, the carbon black ball mill is equipped with steel balls in a closed cylinder. , Through the rotation of the cylinder, the steel ball falls from a high place and collides with the material to be crushed, so as to achieve the purpose of grinding and narrowing the material.
Carbon black ball mills are widely used in the production process of new building materials, cement, refractory materials, non-ferrous metals and glass ceramics.
Carbon black ball mill has the characteristics of high production efficiency, environmental protection, low grinding cost, continuous production, etc., and it can also perform wet and dry grinding of different raw materials.
 what is a ball mill

Carbon black ball mill milling method

Carbon black ball mills are divided into dry carbon black ball mills and wet carbon black ball mills according to different working methods. Different carbon black ball mills are used according to different industries and the characteristics of materials.
The dry carbon black ball mill directly transports the material into the mill. The raw material is crushed and ground by the impact of the steel ball through the rotation of the mill. It is mainly used to grind and grind some materials that will react with water, such as cement. , Marble, etc., and dry carbon black ball mills are also used in places that lack water or have high environmental requirements.
Wet carbon black ball mills are similar to dry carbon black ball mills, except that a certain proportion of water or absolute ethanol must be added during the grinding process according to different materials. It is mainly used for materials that will not affect the quality when contacted with water, such as Gold, copper, copper and other non-ferrous metal mines.
 carbon black ball mill grinder machine

The principle of carbon black ball mill grinding

Usually in the upper reaches of a river, what you see are some large and not very round stones. In the middle reaches there are some rounder pebbles, and when you reach the downstream, you will see a lot of fine sand. This is all due to the passage It is caused by the scouring of the water and the collision of stones under the action of the water.
Similarly, the material is also ground by being impacted during the process of carbon black ball milling, but this process will be much more complicated. For example, when a single material is ball milled with carbon black, a single material will be subjected to many steel balls in this process. The impact of this will make the existing or new cracks on the surface of the material become larger or expand, and finally cause it to be broken into countless smaller materials.
When these small materials are broken again, countless smaller material particles will be produced. Each time the material is broken, the new material particles will be increased geometrically. Each time the material particles become smaller, it is due to the impact of external forces. Later, the cracks were caused after broken.
But when these new material particles reach a certain size, it is difficult to break and split again. This is also because as the material particles become smaller, the surface cracks will become thinner and smaller. A greater impact force is required, which means that the finer the material particles, the more difficult it will be to crush them.
Therefore, the process of crushing seemingly simple materials is very complicated. Large pieces of materials are affected by impact and cracks become larger and broken, and those particles of materials that become smaller are caused by the impact of the impact force to make the particles collide with each other.
 The principle of carbon black ball mill grinding

Ball mill grinder milling process

The carbon black ball mill is mainly composed of a cylindrical barrel, a hollow shaft, a main bearing, a hollow shaft for feeding and discharging materials, a motor, a transmission gear and other components.
There are many liners in the cylinder, which can protect the cylinder and raise the steel ball to a certain height to improve the grinding efficiency. There are also a certain number of round steel balls with different diameters in the cylinder, which is a crushing and grinding process. The most important medium in the steel ball, so the steel ball is also called "grinding medium".
When the material is fed into the horizontal cylinder, the motor drives the large gear ring to rotate and will drive the cylinder to rotate. The materials and steel balls in the cylinder will adhere to the inner wall of the cylinder under the combined action of inertia, friction and lining block. , And is lifted with the rotation of the cylinder.
When the cylinder rises to a certain height, the material and steel balls will be thrown down due to gravity, and some steel balls will fall on the material and break it. As the cylinder continues to rotate, the material And the steel ball will rise and fall in a cyclic motion, and the material will also rub and squeeze each other when the material rises, and the effect of grinding can also be achieved.
The impact force generated when the material falls and the airflow in the cylinder will generate axial thrust, which will flow the fine material to the discharge end, thereby completing the crushing and grinding process
 ball mill grinder

How to install steel balls for carbon black ball mill?

The main function of the steel ball in the carbon black ball mill is to impact and crush the material, and it also plays a certain role in grinding. Therefore, the purpose of classifying steel balls is to satisfy these two requirements. The crushing effect directly affects the grinding efficiency and ultimately affects the output of the carbon black ball mill. Whether it can meet the crushing requirements depends on whether the gradation of the steel balls is reasonable, mainly including the size of the steel balls, the number of ball diameters, and various specifications. The proportion of the ball, etc.
To determine these parameters, in addition to the specifications of the carbon black ball mill, the internal structure of the carbon black ball mill, and the product fineness requirements, the characteristics of the grinding material (easily grindability, particle size, etc.) must also be considered.
In order to effectively crack the material, several principles must be followed when determining the gradation:
First of all, the steel ball must have sufficient impact strength to enable the steel ball of the black carbon ball mill to have enough power to crush the particulate matter, which is directly related to the maximum diameter of the steel ball.
Second, the steel ball must have sufficient impact times on the material, which is related to the filling rate of the steel ball and the average diameter of the ball. When the filling amount is constant, under the premise of ensuring sufficient impact strength, reduce the diameter of the grinding body as much as possible, increase the number of steel balls to increase the number of impacts on the material, and improve the crushing efficiency.
Finally, the material has sufficient residence time in the mill to ensure that the material is completely crushed, which requires the steel ball to be equipped with a certain ability to control the flow of the material.
The so-called two-stage ball classification method is to use two different sizes of steel balls with a large difference in diameter for the purpose of classification. The theoretical basis is that the gaps between the large balls are filled by small balls to fully increase the packing density of the steel balls. In this way, on the one hand, the impact capacity and the number of impacts of the grinder can be improved, which is in line with the functional characteristics of the grinding body. On the other hand, a higher bulk density enables the material to obtain a certain grinding effect. In the two-stage ball distribution, the main function of the big ball is to impact and crush the material.The first function of the small ball is to bridge the gaps between the big balls and increase the bulk density of the grinding body to control the material flow rate and increase the grinding capacity; It plays the role of energy transfer and transfers the energy of the big ball impact to the material; The third is to press the coarse particle material into the gap and put it into the big ball impact area.


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