Ultrafine grinding mill daily maintenance requirements and methods

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About Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Ultrafine grinding, is a new product developed on the basis of vertical mill and ball mill, can grind the material at a deeper level, fineness ≥650/kg, depth stimulate the activity of mineral powder, in the mining industry to extend the industrial chain and increase profit growth point, plays an important role, the current use is also gradually common, in the use of ultrafine grinding machine, We still need to pay attention to many details to avoid causing irreversible damage to it and increasing our production costs.

ultrafine grinding mill 


The use of Ultrafine Grinding Mill Precautions

Under normal operation conditions, the ultrafine mill generally runs smoothly, and the working performance is also very reliable. In order to extend the service life of the ultrafine mill, the key is daily maintenance and maintenance. The following summarizes some of the specific matters of maintenance and maintenance of the ultrafine mill:


1. In the process of using the mill, special persons should be responsible for the establishment of post responsibility system and operation specifications. Operators must be familiar with the performance of the machine, use requirements, operating procedures. The new staff must go through technical training and meet the requirements before they can operate on the post.


2. The lubrication work of the key transmission parts of the ultrafine mill accessories must be done, the addition of lubricants is not easy to be too much or too little, the lubricant selection should be correct in winter and summer, and the cleaning work of this part must pay attention to, impurities will pollute the lubricant and affect the lubrication effect, it is best to clean and add new lubricants regularly according to the work intensity.


3. To often check the filter bag dust collector back blowing air pressure, so as not to block the filter bag, fan current drop will affect the output of the equipment, usually pay attention to the connection of the pipe to seal firmly, to ensure that there is no air leakage; Check the dust collector regularly, if the filter bag is damaged, it should be replaced in time to avoid pollution caused by dust leakage; The water drain switch at the lower part of the oil-water separator should drain water 2-4 times every 8 hours.



4. To check the parts often, find loose to tighten in time to avoid accidents; If it is found that the wearing parts such as the grinding roller, grinding ring, mounting plate and shaft pin are seriously worn, the wearing parts should be replaced at the same time to ensure normal production; The muffler should be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive resistance and affect the air volume of the system.


5. The external working environment of the ultrafine mill should pay attention to avoid open-air production, exposure to the sun, rain will cause different degrees of damage to the mill, if the water in the body, the effect is even worse, the external leakage surface of the mill needs to be coated with anti-rust grease, and the rust should be immediately treated and the anti-rust repair measures should be done.


6. The working time of the mill should be planned in detail, the machine and the human, try to avoid overwork, overwork operation is not only low production efficiency, great damage to the machine, is one of the killers to shorten the service life.


Maintenance is done, the frequency of failure of the ultrafine mill will be properly and effectively reduced, and the occasional failure can be timely maintenance, in fact, maintenance is also a kind of maintenance, because the high-quality grinding equipment can not withstand wanton operation, the quality is determined by the manufacturer, and the maintenance is in their own hands, the combination of the two methods can bring us greater benefits.


Maintenance Method of Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Mill maintenance 


How to maintain the ultrafine grinding mill when it fails, such technical problems are difficult for the general operator to complete, and the mill failure problem is inevitable in the operation of the equipment, the following is a summary of four maintenance skills for reference, including preventive maintenance, fault maintenance, production maintenance, predictive maintenance four aspects.


1. Preventive maintenance, make detailed plans for the operation of grinding equipment, including feeding amount, rest time, maintenance department, etc. Reasonable work arrangements and preventive measures can extend the service life of equipment and accessories and improve production efficiency, specifically do the following:


1.1 Make a reasonable production plan to avoid overwork of the mill.


1.2 A professional maintenance department shall be established to conduct regular inspection and timely eliminate abnormal problems such as finished product quality and production efficiency.


1.3 Lubricate or replace minor or serious wear parts of the equipment.


2.Fault maintenance refers to the unplanned maintenance taken when the ultrafine grinding mill fails or its performance decreases, and the behavior of eliminating specific fault phenomena such as no powder production, bearing lock, abnormal dust at the feed port of the powder collector. This fault cannot be handled arbitrarily. To find technical personnel or in the scope of technical personnel to check and eliminate, in addition, in the case of power failure to carry out the whole process of troubleshooting, so as to avoid other accidents.


3.Production maintenance mainly refers to the elimination of problems affecting the production plan, production can not keep up, finished products are not up to standard, etc. There are two possible factors for failure: Is the performance problem of the equipment itself, the second is the level of the operator, generally there is no quality problem when the machine is tested, the quality of the grinding equipment in the later period is much smaller, which may be caused by the operator, such as can not control uniform feeding, the wrong order of startup and shutdown, the wrong opening state of each valve, etc. For example, poor sealing of the powder lock will cause little or no powder, low yield, uneven feeding will affect the uniformity of the finished product, blockage and other problems have occurred.


4.Predictive maintenance, and preventive maintenance have similarities, but there are essential differences, preventive refers to the problem that may occur, but the substance has not happened, and predictive refers to the problem that has been about to happen, has been predicted to varying degrees, but has not caused serious consequences. According to the information provided by condition monitoring and diagnosis technology, necessary and appropriate maintenance can be carried out before the fault occurs, and skilled operators can mostly detect potential faults in advance through the intact state of the finished product, so as to prevent and repair earlier.


The problem of ultrafine mill failure is a problem that all customers will face, whether you buy a brand mill, or a small and medium-sized enterprise machine, ore grinding equipment in the long-term use of the process will appear wear, corrosion, deformation, burning and other effects on efficiency and normal use, when the fault occurs, you need to stop production to eliminate the problem. In addition, Clirik reminds everyone of three points to pay attention to:

(1) the purchase of equipment is to prepare wearing parts, such as grinding rolls, grinding rings, blades, bearings, etc., in order to occur wearing parts wear problems without available parts and delay the production indicators, and such parts are not high prices, 500 hours or so need to be replaced, spare parts is necessary.


(2) When replacing parts or troubleshooting, the best technology and the operator are completed, so that the operator can better understand the principle of the equipment, and can completely eliminate other faults of the equipment, and if necessary, the operator can carry out equipment technical training.


(3)Maintenance is essential in the grinding production line, but maintenance is equally important, three points by repair seven points by maintenance shows the importance of maintenance, of which transmission parts lubrication, wear parts replacement is the more important two points, and the choice of lubricant must be carried out in accordance with the equipment instructions, including lubricant model, add amount, etc.


Master the above four kinds of maintenance can effectively improve the service life and production efficiency of Raymond mill, as mill manufacturers we have the obligation to help customers solve problems as much as possible, as the use of mill customers, but also have to be responsible for themselves, do a comprehensive maintenance and repair work, as far as possible to reduce the incidence of failure, some customers have such an idea: Think that the purchase of equipment price is high, the manufacturer is large, the after-sales is responsible, you do not have to pay too much attention to the small problems in the production of grinding equipment, if there is really such an idea is completely wrong, no matter how good the equipment can not stand arbitrary squandering, hope that manufacturers and customers can pay attention to this problem, do a good job of early prevention and timely troubleshooting of the mill.

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