Carbon Black Grinding Mill has Huge Development Potential

Author : Clirik

Carbon black traditionally means amorphous carbon. When it comes to carbon black, we will connect rubber, tire industries in the mind. It is the carbon black that promotes these industry prosperous. At the same time, carbon black grinding mill has also become more and more popular.

carbon black grinding mill

With the advancement of science and technology, aotomobile market has expanded. As the most important part, the tire has also been developed. Various manufacturers has considerately increased product quality contributing to the research and development of carbon the same time, carbon black processing has transformed from general type to specialized type, meeting huge development prospect and space.

Carbon black grinding mill has become the advanced processing equipment. shanghai Clirik manufactures carbon black grinding mill on the basis of trade development demand and market development requirements. We have continuously studied advanced powder making technique and keep up innovating and upgrading on the basis of independent research and development. Carbon black grinding mill has the advantages of high efficiency and energy-saving compared to traditional grinding mill. This kind of new type carbon black grinding mill takes up great advantages in capacity and energy consumption, whose capacity higher 30% to 40%, saving 30% energy, grind carbon black into 80 to 400 mesh, which not only increase the capacity per set but also directly reduce the comprehensive investment cost.

carbon black grinding mill


Accumulating multiple years of advancement and practice, the structure of the carbon black grinding mill has become more and more complete, owns the advantages of high efficiency, low consumption and less space. The carbon black grinding mill is widely applied in the fields of metallurgy, construction, chemicals and mining etc, which is suitable for processing non-mental raw materials with Moh’s hardness under seven and moisture under 6%.

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