How to Dispose the Carbon Black When the Waste Tires are Splitting?

Author : Clirik

The carbon black made from waste tire pyrolysis is a kind of coarse black solid powder, which needs to be transported and sealed in closed environment. Carbon black itself is renewable but is not properly processed it will cause secondary pollution and resources waste. At this time, may be we need a set of carbon black grinding mill, which can process carbon black in an environmental protected way.


carbon black grinding mill


Using carbon black grinding mill to process carbon black in a totally closed environment can greatly reduce the secondary pollution; at the same time, it can largely increase the added-value of ultimate product.


Carbon black grinding mill possesses a lot of technical features. It is equipped with X-ray room which is special for welding seam test. It has a security system including a set of safety valves, four temperate gauges and three pressure gauges. Besides water seal can prevent backfire and its special design can reduce reactor corrosion. It guarantees safety because the waste flammable gas will reheat the reactor. Thus the raw materials can be fully pyrolysis.


Shanghai Clirik HGM carbon black grinding mill is one important part of carbon black production line, designed to resolve the carbon black quite light character problems. We advocate environmental friendly, so if you have waste tire I advise you buy a set of carbon black pyrolysis equipment to reduce the secondary pollution. It’s trustworthy.

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