Time Waites For No Man - It’s Highly Time to Innovate Carbon Black Grinding Mill Industry

Author : Clirik

With the development of economy and society, carbon black grinding mill has been widely applied and has an increasing bright market prospect. Recently, quite a lot carbon black grinding mills have been exported to many regions from Chinese manufacturers such as Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. It is an unavoidable trend to compete in the global market.


carbon black grinding mill


In modern times, the main development target for carbon black grinding mill is to increase its finished powder fineness as well as the output. Domestic carbon black grinding mill can grind stones into powder with high fineness, take Clirik as an example, whose grinding machine with the finished fineness reach to 3000 meshes. That will be rather competitive in the global market. In additions, the particle size distribution is very narrow, in another words the particle size are more balanced, which can earn good reputation in the global market.


However, domestic carbon black grinding mills are in high energy consumption and in serious wear when grinding the raw materials with high hardness. We should learn from major grinding mill manufacturing countries such as Japan and Germany. As a result, in order to enhance global competitiveness we must innovate the technique, introduce advanced technology from Japan and Germany. It is quite necessary to improve the finished powder fineness, reduce the energy consumption and wear.


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