The Importance of Controlling Raw Materials Moisture for Carbon Black Grinding Mill

Author : Clirik

When the carbon black grinding mill is processing the raw materials, we should pay more attention to moisture of raw materials. The raw materials with too much water and high moisture will also in high tenacity.

carbon black grinding mill

Under high moisture raw materials carbon black grinding mill will more hard to grind them, which will lead to low working efficiency, seriously halting the machine without feeding. In order to guarantee the machine work normally, we should check the moisture of raw materials. Generally speaking the moisture should be under 6%. if the moisture is too high, this will influence the normal working and powder fineness.

After long-time experience accumulation, we have concluded that if we want to get high qualified powder we need to dry the raw materials and when it is necessary we could do dehydration for materials.

If the raw materials are more dry the grinding speed will be more quick for carbon black grinding mill, the powder particles will be more balanced. As a result, it is very important to increase the moisture of raw materials. 

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