Waste Tire Pyrolysis Production of Carbon Black

Author : Clirik

With the strengthening of human environmental protection awareness, waste rubber retorting technology is also emerging at home and abroad. The processing of waste rubber tires into valuable products not only saves natural resources, but also greatly reduces the environmental pollution caused by used tires.For carbon black grinder mill enterprises, while producing better economic benefits, they have also achieved good social benefits. This is a very meaningful job.


carbon black grinder mill

Carbon black produced by pyrolysis of waste tires has special raw materials and processes. Its "particles" are coarse, and its ash content is high.The surface contains many oily components. Its physical and chemical properties are similar to those of semi-reinforcing carbon blacks.It is called pyrolysis semi-reinforcing carbon black. In order to improve the performance of the product and make it have more vitality and higher use value, our factory has carried out some fine processing on carbon black grinder mill to meet the requirements of users.

The use of waste tires through pyrolysis can produce carbon black products, turn waste into treasure, greatly reducing the environmental pollution caused by used tires, Social benefits are significant, but there are also certain economic benefits.

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