Pigment carbon black for polyurethane paint, ink and coating

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 Pigment carbon black makes the coating film show color, so that the coating film has the ability to cover the object to be coated to play its decorative and protective role.
Polyurethane paint is polyurethane paint. It has strong paint film, full luster, strong adhesion, water resistance, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in high-grade wood furniture and can also be used on metal surfaces.
Can carbon black be added to polyurethane paint?
Yes, many black pastes for polyurethane are carbon black dispersions. If polyurethane paint has high requirements for carbon black, it must be added after grinding and dispersion to increase its dispersibility.
Sudden problems and solutions before the use of polyurethane paint
Muddy: The varnish is opaque and the resulting turbidity is called muddy. The main reason is improper choice of solvent, moisture absorption and water content. Choose a suitable solvent, and add some butanol, turpentine, and benzene if necessary.
Precipitation and agglomeration. Reasons: storage time is too long; the specific proportion of the pigment is too large; the viscosity of the paint is too low; the fineness is too large. Remedy: Pour out the upper paint solution for the lighter ones, stir up the sediment first, and then add the paint solution and mix well before use.
Skinning: Oxidative drying paint contains a drier. After the paint is brushed, the solvent evaporates and oxidizes to dry. Generally, the time is controlled according to the standard. Drying too fast will easily affect the weather resistance of the paint film.
Causes of skinning: Generally, the lid is not tightly leaking or the barrel is not full; or the amount of surface drying drier is large; the anti-skinning agent is omitted; the container is open during the construction process. If some barrels have crusts, they should be used after removing the paint and filtering. If it needs to be placed during construction, a layer of thinner should be sprinkled on top. If it is nitrolacquer crust, use banana water to melt the crust and use it without affecting the quality.
The details you need to know when choosing carbon black for polyurethane paint.
The polyurethane paint film is bright and plump, hard and wear-resistant, resistant to oil, acid, chemicals and industrial waste gas, has good electrical properties, and is miscible with various resins.
Although the color of pigment carbon black is black, the different types of carbon black, when you observe carefully, you will find that the color will have some subtle changes. From the blackness point of view, the smaller the particle size of carbon black, the higher the blackness; from the hue point of view, the large particle size varieties have a blue hue, and the small particle size varieties have a red phase.

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