Black tyre or white tyre?

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 Tires are usually installed on metal rims, which can support the body, cushion the external impact, achieve contact with the road and ensure the driving performance of the vehicle. Tires are often used under complex and harsh conditions. They are subjected to various deformations, loads, forces, and high and low temperature effects during driving. Therefore, they must have high load-bearing performance, traction performance, and cushioning performance. At the same time, it also requires high wear resistance and flex resistance, as well as low rolling resistance and heat generation. Half of the world's rubber consumption is used in tire production, which shows that the ability of tires to consume rubber is not small.
In fact, the first tire in the world is white because the tire is made of rubber, and white is the natural color of rubber. However, this white tire is not ideal in terms of tire strength or tear resistance, is easy to age, and the price is relatively high. After a long time of use, the rubber compound will turn yellow and brown, and it will lose its decorative effect. Later, when making tires, in addition to rubber, a black substance-carbon black was added, so the tires naturally turned black. When carbon black is combined with rubber, it will make the rubber very strong. Although it is technically possible to manufacture tires of other colors, the manufacturing process is complicated and costly. What are the benefits of using black tires?
Natural rubber has good elasticity. Using rubber as a tire can reduce the bumpy feeling during driving, but natural rubber has natural disadvantages in its wear resistance, hot melt, and grip. It cannot withstand friction and is easily worn out.
Black tires are safer. Black tires have high safety, which is also an important reason why everyone has always recognized it. Tire failures account for a large proportion of automobile accidents. Therefore, regulatory agencies are paying more and more attention to the wear resistance and anti-aging rate of tires. Only black tires can achieve good wear resistance and anti-aging. In addition, studies have found that colored tires can easily make the opposite driver feel dazzling and dazzling, which can bring potential danger to pedestrians or drivers.
The main components of tires are natural rubber plus styrene butadiene rubber and carbon black. Among them, carbon black is one of the main raw materials for rubber tires, which can significantly increase the strength, wear resistance and other physical and mechanical properties of rubber tires. Take the tire tread rubber as an example. The use of an appropriate amount of high-structure long-chain carbon black in the tread rubber formula can significantly improve the wet skid resistance of the tire tread, thereby improving the safety of vehicle driving; when using natural rubber alone to produce tire Filling a certain proportion of wear-resistant carbon black can significantly improve the wear resistance, elasticity, tear strength and other indicators of the rubber compound.
Our machine can used after the carbon black pyrolysis process. Carbon black grinding mill or carbon black powder refining machine, can further process the output product.

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