Carbon Black Grinding Mill/Grinder Mill for sale

Author : Clirik

Shanghai Clirik Machinery is professional commitment in carbon black grinding mill/grinder mill development and promotion. Carbon black grinding mill/grinder mill can produce various requirements of carbon black fineness. Carbon black is mainly used as rubber reinforcing agent and filler, its consumption is about half rubber consumption, accounting for 94% of carbon black for rubber carbon black of the total, of which about 60% for tire manufacture. In addition, carbon black is also used as inks, paints and plastics and plastics colorants ultraviolet light shielding agent. Other products such as electrodes, batteries, resistors, explosives, cosmetics and polishing paste, it is also important auxiliaries.


Shanghai Clirik Machinery produces ultrafine micro carbon black grinding mill/grinder mill. Carbon black materials can be ground into a fine powder products, carbon black grinding mill/grinder mill fineness can achieve the range of 30-2500 meshes, fully used in various industries. The company provides on-site design for users, and free installation guide, allowing users to gain profit. 


Shanghai Clirik Machinery devoted to provide carbon black production line, carbon black processing and grinding solution. We have many successful cases over 20 countries. Any needs, please leave a message or chat with our one line service now! Our engineers will design the most suitable solution for your project. Shanghai Clirik Machinery welcomes your visit and research!

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