Carbon black from waste tyre/tire by carbon black processing machine

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Through carbon black processing machine, we can get thermal carbon black or pyrolysis carbon black from the waste tyres/tires.


There are some differences in production methods between Modified Carbon Black and Traditional Carbon Black. Modified Carbon Black is the product by the effects of pyrolysis techology from waster tyre. With the main materials of silica, cobalt salts and zinc, it is unique in chemical and physical performance that can possess better degree of crosslinking and diffusivity.

Thermal carbon black is a kind of new rubber strengthening agent which is generated through pyrolysis technology. It is processed by using old tires as raw materials, and in the condition of absence of stripping and the negative pressure through pyrolysis technology.


Because the production method of thermal black is different with the traditional carbon black production method, the performance of it is similar with the semi-reinforcing black, which is between N330 and N660. It can improve the mechanical properties of rubber and enlarge the filing quantity because of small particle size and large surface area. Also the price is low. And it can be applied to all kinds of tires, plastic board and other rubber products. It can take the place of semi-reinforcing, and much better mix with the super highwear-resisting products. This product which polymeric rubber compounds through catalytic cracking and removing carbonyl/hydroxy functional group and then activate is a kind of high performance and new semi-reinforcing carbon black.


1. Advantages: This product is bright coloured.

2. Performance: It could substitute other carbon black, such as general carbon black, low structure and fast extruding black, and semi-reinforcing black. Through micro adjusting the formula, cost will be greatly reduced. The physical properties of this product is close to N660 type.

3. Purpose: In the aspect of rubber molding, such as the extrusion of cover tyre, mat tyre, inner tube, hose and automotive sealing strip, the semi-finished product has good stiffness, smooth surface, stable quality and superior performance. All this advantages bring good reputation from users.


In addition to keeping good quality, manufacturers also could reduce the comprehensive cost by 5% to 10% to obtain remarkable economic benefit by using pyrolysis carbon black in rubber and plastic products. They could save a part of softener, reduce power consumption, and eliminate mixed burning phenomenon in the process of producing. In addition, pyrolysis carbon black are widely used in cable, tape, rubber hose, gaskets, seals and other rubber products.


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