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Carbonized coconut shells on processing, the door must be open, and must be carbonized layer by layer. Below the raw material, It had better cover one drying flammable, disposable filling 70 centimeters of raw materials, to see Mars to take the time in to inside the addition (once only plus about 70 cm). a stove would probably be about eight hours to burn, a furnace about 1 ton of coconut shell charcoal around to the last level when the charred so far. (condensation process in order to filter the smoke, in the process also produce oil). charring furnace a furnace to produce 1 ton of wood tar phone 40kg.


After the coconut shells are carbonized, we get the carbonized coconut shells carbon black. Which grinding mill machine grinder is suitable to process the carbonized coconut shells carbon black? If the carbonized coconut shells carbon black can be process into super fine activated carbon black powder, the value of carbon black will be much higher.


HGM activated carbon Black Grinding Mill/grinder mill/processing machine is one important part of activated carbon black production line, is  the new type grinding mill, designed for all carbon-rich organic material, such as coal, wood, shell, coconut, walnut shells, almond shells, shells and other activated material carbon black grinding to solve the carbon black quite light character problem. The output size of ground activated carbon black can get 30-2500 meshes.

 Carbon black grinding mill

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