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Clirik’s total turnover has reached 49 billion this year according to the report from the board of directors, indicating Clirik has stepped in the top 100 companies in China. As one of the most successful grinding machine manufacturer, steadily and firmly, Clirik strides forward better future sparing no effort with his own down-to-earth perseverance, staunch dedication and rich financial resources. Among our products, Tyre Pyrolysis Plant and carbon-black grinding mill for Carbon black is one of the most popular products of us. 

Lucky that Clirik met the new policy pushed forward by government which is opening trade door to the outer world, Clirik got the chance to do business with foreign countries freely as a leading pioneer company with special foreign trading right since the the reform and opening-up policy. Based on its nice name in domestic market, excellent product and comprehensive service, Clirik won the heart of a great number of global customers. Many customers came to China for a visit to Clirik factory, to confirm the strength of Clirik. And they all were warmly welcomed by the service department staffs for free as promised before.

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

China now is developing fast in economy especially in the grinding machine manufacturing field. Thousands of industrial enterprises suddenly appear on the horizon and thousands of enterprises disappear in silence sinking into the bottom of the market ocean. After so many years of marketing experience, Clirik caught the essence of the market. This simple but true essence is the satisfaction of the customers is the final purpose of Clirik.

If you plan to make carbon-black, you can try to use Tyre Pyrolysis Plant and carbon-black grinding mill to finish it. 

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