The Development Prospects of Carbon Black Grinding Mill

Author : Clirik

It is reported that China is one of the first countries to produce carbon black the world. In ancient times, people burn animal and plant oil, pine, black ash collection smoke cemented, used to modulate the ink and black pigment. In 1912, it was found that carbon black has a reinforcing effect on rubber, and carbon black has gradually become an indispensable raw material for the rubber industry. World rubber industry raw material consumption in the first row of the rubber, second is carbon black; in other words, carbon black rubber has become the largest consumption with the agent. Therefore, the use of carbon black in today's society is more extensive. After one of the main purposes is the use of carbon black grinding mill into powder, used for tire colorant. According to the latest reports of domestic carbon black prices have reached 6700 yuan per ton.

With the increasing demand for carbon black, carbon black for the social from all walks of life is also growing with each passing day mill demand. China in 2016 as an example, the fourth quarter compared with the first few quarters of carbon black grinding mill demand rate increased by 13.6%. Have to say is that the demand for carbon black materials, in stimulating the rise of the price of carbon black at the same time also contributed to the hot business.

carbon black grinding mill

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that. Carbon black grinding mill is not only can be used for grinding production of carbon black now, but also in coke, coal ash, barite, limestone, calcium carbonate and grinding a series of stone material. But with the continuous development of science and technology, the product fineness, Shanghai Clirik had developed HGM series of micro powder grinding mill. Yet can be adjusted in 200 to 3000 mesh of arbitrary. Believe that there is such a good quality carbon black grinding equipment, must will bring huge gains for you.

As everyone knows, carbon black powder would be sold more broadly, the carbon black grinding mill as a common grinding equipment, must will be received lots of pages with the majority of people. Believe that the development prospects of carbon black will not be disappointing.

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