Carbon Black Powder Processing Technology

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Shanghai Clirik Machinery is a professional carbon black processing machine manufacturer. We can supply for you all kinds of carbon black processing machine. According to the different use, our carbon black processing machine could be divided into four types.

Our carbon black processing machine can be processed for different sizes: coarse powder processing (0 - 3mm), fine powder processing (3mesh -400 mesh), as well as the deep processing of ultra fine powder (400 mesh -1250 mesh) and micro powder processing (1250 mesh - 3000 mesh)

Step 1: crushing

The bulk material is broken through the crusher to be able to enter the milling machine to enter the material fineness (15mm-50mm).

The second stage: grinding

After the small broken pieces of material sent to the silo through the elevator, and then through the vibration feeder will be evenly distributed into the mill grinding chamber for grinding.
Fine powder processing generally use LM vertical roller mill, MTW European version of the mill, TGM super pressure trapezoidal mill; ultra fine powder processing generally chooses LUM ultra fine vertical mill, HGM medium speed micro grinding.

carbon black processing machine

The third stage: classification

The material after grinding is selected by the powder sorting machine, and the unqualified powder is returned to the host to be grinded again after the classifier is graded.

The fourth stage: powder collection

Comply with the fineness of powder with the gas flowing through the pipeline into the dust collector were isolated and collected, finished powder from the outlet of the conveying device is sent to the finished product bin, and then unified with the powder tank or automatic packaging machine for packaging.

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