Tyre Pyrolysis Carbon Black Grinding In China

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After the tyre pyrolysis, we can get carbon black powder, which needs to be transported and stored in a closed environment. As we all know, carbon black can be reused, but if not properly handled, it will easily cause two pollution and waste of resources. We usually use tyre pyrolysis carbon black grinding in China. So, what is the sales road of carbon black after cracking?

At present, there are several kinds of treatment of carbon black:

1. Direct sale, the price of carbon black is 200-300 yuan / tons. The profit is low, and the market is not good.

2. Add clay and water and put it in a block forming machine to form a carbon block for combustion.

3. Make a deep processing for carbon black, we can use tyre pyrolysis carbon black grinding and carbon black grinding mill, its very important that the carbon black processing system should be closed when we are processing carbon black, to avoid the possibility of any two pollution, and significantly enhance the added value of the final product, higher profits, product carbon black are priced at 3000 yuan / ton.

tyre pyrolysis carbon black grinding

The advantages of tyre pyrolysis carbon black grinding as follows:

1. Equipment manufacturing process of the domestic original, the formulation of domestic original

2. High degree of automation, automated production

3. Equipment produced ultra fine carbon black, according to customer needs into tyre pyrolysis carbon black grinding, carbon black grinding mill and other semi reinforcing carbon black and pigment carbon black, and so on

4. Long service life, more than six years

5. Full production process, environmental pollution.

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