Carbon Black 3 Uses, Carbon Black Grinding Mill Will Help You

Author : Clirik

According to different uses, we generally divide carbon black into 3 broad categories: rubber carbon black, pigment carbon black and conductive carbon black. So choose one high efficiency carbon black grinding mill is very important.

1. Rubber carbon black, such as tire industry, rubber seals, shock absorber and so on, rubber products with a certain amount of carbon black can play a role in strengthening and filling, in order to improve the performance of rubber products.
2. Pigment carbon black, mainly used in printing ink, paint and other industries as black pigment.
3. Conductive carbon black, the use of certain carbon black low resistance or high resistance properties, so that in different products, such as conductive rubber, radio components, etc., to become conductive carbon black.

Carbon black grinding mill

Carbon black grinding mill has played an important role in the comprehensive utilization of carbon black. We used to use carbon black Raymond mill to process carbon black powder. The device is believed to be understood by the user, which has long been used to crush ore powders. The fineness of the stone powder is between 80-325 mesh, and the equipment has small occupation area, stable performance and easy maintenance.

But many users may want to process high fineness carbon black powder, then Raymond mill is far from being able to buy enough requirements, generally as long as the processing of more than 300 mesh of carbon black, we recommend the use of ultrafine grinding machine for processing. Carbon black grinding mill supporting equipment is complete, the processing of the vast majority of ore, stone powder fineness can reach more than 3000 mesh, the carbon black market value of this process is also higher.


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