How To Replace Carbon Black Grinding Mill Parts

Author : Clirik

carbon black grinding mill

The main parts of carbon black grinding mill is grinding roller, grinding ring, grinding roller assembly, and so on.

There are many reason can cause carbon black grinding mill break. The main reason is that high temperature causes sealing material within the machine rapidly aging. carbon black grinding mill machine other fine grain material can through cracks into seals cause rapid wear of seal failure.

Using gas seal, the sealing way for parts machining accuracy requirement is high, the manufacturing process of complex, equipped with a set of pipes and air compressor is needed. But this kind of sealing effect is good, long service life.

With the constant progress of science and technology, and the deepening research of this kind of carbon black grinding mill, now that is considered to be very complicated and difficult to solve the problem, must be able to get a satisfactory and practical answer.

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