Demand Situation of Pyrolysis Carbon Black Equipment

Author : Clirik

Thermals are gas isolated from the air is heated to 1300 DEG C, pyrolysis, is composed of a large number of spherical, oval shaped carbon and a small amount of fused particles, with particle size and specific surface area is small and the structure is low, easy dispersion, good fluidity, high filling amount etc.. Because of its low surface activity, it is also known as non reinforcing carbon black. It is one of the widely used carbon black varieties in the tire air tight layer, hose, adhesive tape, oil seal and fluorine rubber products.

Due to technical and technological reasons, there is no particle thermal cracking method (MT) in china. Some rubber products with low performance requirements are filled with imported or domestic natural gas half filled with carbon black or sprayed carbon black, but because of particle size and structure, the effect is much different from that of MT carbon black. So, in the compression permanent deformation performance, permeability resistance, oil resistance and chemical stability, dynamic performance of demanding sealing, fluid transport and damping, the world rubber industry is usually used in particle pyrolysis carbon black (MT) to fill the application.

pyrolysis carbon black equipment

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