What the Advantages the Large Carbon Black Grinding Mill Have?

Author : Clirik

carbon black grinding mill

1. High fineness, the minimum Fineness can up to 3000 Mesh

When carbon black grinding mill at work, will be sent to the carbon black material grinding and grinding ring, the material in the grinding pressure crushed into powder, and then under the action of the fan to blow up the material into powder after analysis machine, reach the requirements of the fineness of the material through the analysis of the machine, not up to the requirements of the return to the ground the cavity for further grinding, through screening, to be qualified, the whole mill output of carbon black carbon black mesh are 3000 mesh, and the mesh adjustment is very convenient. This is a large black carbon mill manufacturers have unique features.

2. Output is high, capacity is 45 T/H

The larger carbon black grinding mill capacity is as 2-3 times as other common carbon black grinding mill, it is through nearly 5 years of data show that, and can produce more fine powder, and the service life is about four times that of ordinary milling machine. Not only that, its power consumption is less than the small manufacturers, but because no blade so not easy malfunction, even failure maintenance of small and a few minutes to fix, it is a very convenient.

3. After sales guarantee, quality assured

With large carbon black grinding mill manufacturers conditions, which are after sale perfect after sale service, which is a large black carbon mill furniture advantages. Like Shanghai Clirik, every carbon black grinding mill promises lifetime after sale, allowing users to feel assured about the quality of our products. Clirik company takes advantage of products to seize the market, create markets with services, and lead the market with brands.


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