Wide Application of Carbon Black Needs Carbon Black Grinding Mill’s Backup

Author : Clirik

Carbon black, a kind of amorphous carbon, is widely applied in the fields of printing, painting, rubber etc. The wide application of carbon black needs carbon black grinding mill’s strong backup. Therefore, if we want to gain profits in this carbon black field, we should pick out the suitable and superior equipment. As the Chinese old saying says, A workman must sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well.

carbon black grinding mill

Carbon black namely formed from the incomplete combustion of coal, petroleum and biological fuels, mainly used to be as fortifier and padding. Nowadays, many people process the waste tires to make carbon black and then grind them into fine powder by carbon black grinding mill, giving full play to its value.


When it comes to the application of rubber fortifier and padding, the carbon black micro powder fineness should reach to 500 to 600 mesh. This fineness requirements can no longer be met by Raymond mill and high pressure grinding mill because they have small capacity and low pass ratio.

carbon black grinding mill

Ultra fine powder grinding mill may be the most suitable machine to process carbon black into 500 to 600 mesh powder. Processing carbon black powder does not need stone crusher because the raw materials of carbon black can basically meet the feeding size. Therefore there is only one hopper and the carbon black raw materials can directly enter into the carbon black grinding mill. The finished powder can be packed by automatic packing unit and be sold out. 


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