Five Innovation Aspects for the Future Carbon Black Grinding Mill

Author : Clirik

It is gonna to greet the new year 2018, we will continuously look for new breakthroughs and development direction on the intrinsic foundation to shorten the gap with first-class carbon black grinding mill internationally. The various new type carbon black grinding mill should fit the current development requirements in the market. The innovation aspects for the future carbon black grinding mill displayed as follows.


carbon black grinding mill


First of all, stick to technology innovation and gradually get rid of the simplex introduction and imitation for product.


Secondly, we should apply the mechanical-electrical integration technique and modern control approaches such as hydraulics technique or electronics to improve the automation of carbon black grinding mill, decrease workers labor intensity and increase production efficiency.


carbon black grinding mill


Thirdly, in order to fit in the the requirements of market and clients’, our carbon black grinding mill can develop in systematic and standardizing development.


Fourthly, we should research and develop wear-resisting and high tenacity board hammer materials to prolong the using life and produce the production capacity.


Last but not least, we should improve the current carbon black grinding mill to increase the crushing capacity and maintenance convenience. It mainly need to maintain the structure of hammer, rotors etc. 


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