Carbon Black Grinding Mill Helps You Process Carbon Black Into Different Fineness

Author : Clirik

The carbon black powder in the market has diversified specifications, such as 10 mesh, 20 mesh, 400 mesh, 2500 mesh and so on. These carbon black powder can be processed by Clirik customized carbon black grinding mill.

carbon black grinding mill

As a matter of fact, we generally choose carbon black grinding mill according to the fineness of finished powder. 10 mesh to 80 mesh powder belongs to coarse powder, which needs coarse powder grinding mill equipment; 100 mesh to 325 mesh mica powder can be processed by Raymond mill; 100 to 400 mesh mica powder can be processed by high pressure grinding mill; while 500 to 2500 mesh carbon black powder can be ground by ultrafine powder carbon black grinding mill.


The finished carbon black powder can be widely applied in a variety of industries such as wireless electric industry, aerobic industry, electricity making, coating, painting, plastic etc. In terms of this, choose customized carbon black grinding mill to process will be profitable.

Kindly customization, advanced technology, Shanghai Clirik carbon black grinding mill will bring you a total different using experience and help you make unpredictable profits. If our products can satisfy your requirements would you please leave your buying messages and contact information on our website? I will be grateful of that.

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