Tyre pyrolysis carbon black grinding technology breakthrough

Author : Clirik

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. received a consultation sheet for analysis of carbon black products from abroad. Our engineers are excited. He said that the international community has consistently listed waste tires as one of the most difficult solid wastes and has now found a good solution.

The comprehensive utilization of waste rubber tires includes the cracking of giant old tires and the application of waste rubber pyrolysis regenerated carbon black.In response to these difficulties, CLIRIK company based on many years of experience, developed a new process of refurbishing used tires and producing rubber oil and carbon black through pyrolysis process, making tyre pyrolysis carbon black grinding and refining new process of carbon black made of rubber oil’s implementation becomes a reality.

At present, this process has been industrialized. Our tyre pyrolysis carbon black grinding production line, tires can get carbon black, rubber oil, and all other combustible waste gas by this process, so as to realize a recycling, harmless, and high-quality utilization of waste tires.

tyre pyrolysis carbon black grinding

In response to the environmental problems faced by the recycling of waste tires, our company also adopted special treatment in the design of the tyre pyrolysis carbon black grinding production line: it adopts pipeline sealed negative pressure transportation. It can reduce dust flying and material loss, reducing environmental pollution; Each tyre pyrolysis carbon black grinding machine is equipped with different auxiliary equipment such as dust recovery to ensure the cleanliness of the production process.

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