Carbon black processing machine industry access conditions

Author : Clirik

In order to promote the energy-saving and emission-reduction of carbon black industry, ensure safe production, protect the environment, rationalize its layout, reduce waste of resources, and realize the sustainable development of the carbon black processing machine industry, we must adhere to certain access conditions.

Production of carbon black processing machine should strictly control the pollution of solid wastes and the relevant requirements for identification of relevant hazardous wastes. The carbon black processing machine's production process must not be directly discharged to the atmosphere.It must be re-treated to eliminate toxic and hazardous components, and the combustible components and heat energy in the exhaust gas of the process must be fully recycled. Carbon black processing machine must also meet the relevant local standards.


Carbon black processing machine

Carbon black processing machine that do not meet the requirements for “admission requirements” must be filed with the local environmental protection authorities,and declare that they will meet the discharge requirements through supporting facilities such as desulphurization, out-of-stock, and dust removal within 3 years from the date of entry conditions.

Carbon black processing machine production line packaging, product warehouse and other parts susceptible to carbon black dust pollution should be equipped with a corresponding dust collection processor to meet the ambient air quality standards.

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