Why is the ultra-fine carbon black processing plant popular?

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Pigmented carbon black is mainly used as a colorant in coatings, inks, plastics and other chemical industries. According to the different blackness and particle size, carbon black can be divided into high pigment tank black, high pigment furnace black, medium pigment tank black, medium pigment furnace black, common pigment tank black, common pigment furnace black and low pigment furnace black.
The degree of blackness is directly related to the particle size of carbon black. The smaller the particle size is, the larger the specific surface area and the higher the blackness of carbon black are. This is because the primary particles have been melted to form the primary aggregates, the specific surface area of the aggregates increases with the fineness of the primary particles. The color appears darker and better against UV. Because the absorbance of fine carbon black is higher than that of coarse carbon black, it has stronger coloring power. However, when the particle size is reduced, blue light is preferentially absorbed and the tone becomes brown.
The following are two commonly used carbon black.
N110: Super abrasion furnace black (SAF) is mainly used for tread rubber such as truck tire and passenger tire, and rubber products which need high strength and wear resistance, such as high strength conveyor belt, industrial rubber products, etc.
N121: Super abrasion furnace black-high structure (new technology); SAF-HS (new technology). It is mainly used for tread tread, especially for high speed car tread.
As a manufacturer of ore processing plant, our company has cooperated with some customers who want to grind their carbon black into high-fineness powder. In the real situation, we usually recommend our ultra-fine carbon black grinding machine and carbon black Raymond mill for the customers.
Why do we recommend the ultra-fine carbon black processing plant? Here comes the reason. Ultra-fine grinding machine has been used by many customers from different countries. And according to the customers’ feedback, this machine can absolutely guarantee the powder fineness even after a long time work. Besides, the carbon black comes from the wasted tires and other such kind of wastes usually contains some metallic materials. This brings difficulty to the carbon black processing. Ultra-fine carbon black processing plant has made progress in its quickly-wear parts. So the replacement and maintain of these crucial parts can be in a lower frequency.
carbon black processing plant

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