Basic details about carbon black Raymond mill

Author : Clirik

Raymond mill is the earliest mill equipment used in the grinding industry. When it works, the interaction between its rollers and rings in the grinding room will help the carbon black to be grinded. In the process of grinding materials, through the rotation of the rollers, the grinding rollers and rings produce strong grinding pressure and friction, so that the carbon black can be more fully grinded. If the roll is not flexible, the grinding ability of Raymond mill will be greatly reduced, and the grain size of the mill will be coarsened.
When the Raymond mill is running, the grinding roll is mainly driven by the suspension shaft inside the mill, and the suspension shaft is rotated by the sliding bearing which is driven by the motor. Therefore, there is a direct connection between the rotation of the grinding roll and the sliding bearing of the suspension shaft. If the rotation of the grinding roll is not flexible when the mill is running, it should be checked first. Whether the bearing inside the suspension shaft is abnormal or not, when the gap of the ventilation port of the mill is too large, the outside dust and material dust will enter the suspension shaft cavity of the mill, and then fall between the sliding bearings of the suspension shaft, so that the lubricant and dust in the bearing mix to form a large amount of sludge and oil pollution.
Raymond mill has perfect automatic control system. It adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulation, grease centralized lubrication, shock absorption and other measures. Automatic control can effectively improve the efficiency, accuracy and safety of Raymond mill.
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