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The title already reveals today’s topic. The writer here also has no idea of the white carbon black. And then I have search some information about this material. This passage will make a concise conclusion and give a brief introduction of it. If you do not know this before, you can think that what the white carbon black is and could it be a kind of carbon black.
Actually, silica has no relation with carbon black.
Carbon black is a fine powder produced by incomplete combustion of carbon-containing raw materials. Silica is a kind of rubber and plastics additive with high resistance, which is made of sericite as the main raw material and processed with other ingredients.
Carbon black has strong coloring ability, stable chemical performance, heat resistance and light resistance. Silica is high temperature resistant, colorless and has good electrical insulation.
So what exactly is white carbon? White carbon black is silica. It is an indispensable reinforcing agent in rubber industry and plastic products industry. It is a kind of light silica with very small particles of high purity. It has strong thickening, extinction, dispersion and anti-stickiness. Silicon dioxide is the most abundant mineral on earth, and it is not expensive. Nano-silica can be obtained by high temperature or chemical decomposition of silica. Its application in rubber industry is also limited due to its characteristics. After modification, nano-silica can be filled in a large number of rubber. It is easy to mix, does not affect vulcanization, and can produce high-performance products, in many aspects of index requirements. It has higher performance than carbon black and is the best substitute for carbon black to a certain extent.
Now, it is believed that all of you could have a basic knowledge of white carbon black. But, let us move to carbon black now.
The main component of carbon black is carbon. Carbon black particles are nearly spherical, with particle sizes ranging from 10 to 500 microns. Carbon black is an important raw material in rubber industry. Without carbon black, there would be no rubber industry today. The main raw materials for carbon black production are oil and natural gas, which consumes a lot of energy and pollutes seriously. With the gradual reduction of non-renewable energy on the earth, the price of carbon black will continue to rise, and the cost of rubber products will become higher and higher.
The high price of carbon black also indicates its high value. It can be applied in more fields after it is grinded into powder. This process can not be separated with carbon black powder grinding machine. There are two main such machines produced by our company are already in use.
One is carbon black micro powder mill, which can make carbon black to 50-2500 mesh powder. Another is carbon black Raymond mill. This performs well in stable hourly capacity.
If you have any interest in these two carbon black grinding mill, welcome to contact us. You can chat with us online, leave messages on our websites or call us directly. We will reply to you within 12 hours.

 Carbon black Raymond mill

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