Do you eat dumplings in winter solstice day?

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Today is the third day of 2019, we still want to wish you a happy new year.
January 1 is the beginning of a year for people around the world. People from different places also may have their own special New Year’s Day. As for our Chinese people, January 1 in lunar calendar is the real beginning of New Year. And on New Year’s Eve, we will spend the whole day preparing the dinner. Then in the evening, families will be together and enjoy the dinner under the happy light. And in the next few days, we will visit our relatives and friends.
The lunar New Year is almost known by people all over the world.
But have you ever heard of Winter Solstice Festival? Winter solstice cannot be unfamiliar to us. In Geography, the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (north of the Tropic of Cancer). On this day, the Arctic Circle is in a state of perpetual night and the Antarctic Circle is in a state of polar day. This day has been seen as a festival for us. Usually, people in Northern China will eat dumplings and people in Southern China will have Tangyuan. It has been a tradition for a very long time.
The Winter Solstice day in 2018, all of us in company has participated in making dumplings. Here we would like to share this with you. 

winter solstice day in Shanghai Clirik Machinery

winter solstice day

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