N33O carbon black powder grinding mill

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 Carbon black N330 is a high wear-resistant furnace black. N330 is also the most widely used high wear resistant furnace black. The carbon black has better wear resistance than the channel black. It is mainly used in tire treads, window coverings, sidewalls and various rubber products. N33O is a carbon black with good reinforcing properties, which can give the rubber better tensile properties, tear resistance, abrasion resistance and elasticity. Tires using N33O are second only to N315. In addition, its dispersion and extrusion properties in the rubber compound are also very good, suitable for a variety of natural synthetic rubber and natural rubber.
N326, also known as low structure and high wear resistance furnace black, has good properties of high reinforcing capacity and low heat generation. It is used for tread compound of tyres (including off-road tyres) with high strength and low heat generation. It is also suitable for conveyor belts, sealing products and other high-quality rubber industrial products. This product has physical and mechanical properties that is similar to groove black in natural rubber, and does not delay vulcanization speed. The compound with this product has high tensile strength, tear strength, wear resistance and anti-cracking property. Compared with other high wear-resistant furnace blacks, the rubber has lower constant elongation stress, higher elongation and similar tensile strength.
High efficiency micro-grinding is mainly suitable for ores with medium and low hardness, and Mohr hardness is less than 6. These ores include calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, carbon black, kaolin, bentonite, talc, etc.
The Role of Carbon black Ultra fine Grinding mill in Production Line
In this process, carbon black carbonization technology and grinding technology are the core technologies of the whole process. So, what role does ultra fine carbon black grinding mill play in it and how does it work? First of all, the waste tires are carbonized. The carbonized substances of carbon black must be grinded before they can be used in various industries to realize the reuse of waste tires.
Ultra-fine grinding equipment is mainly used to process ultra-fine carbon black powder in tire grinding. Ultra-fine grinding special for carbon black can process carbon black powder to 300-3000 mesh in fineness, the pass rate of some fineness is as high as D97, and the pass rate of some fineness is as high as D100. It is a professional ultra-fine grinding equipment for processing carbon black in China.

Carbon black grinding mill

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