Flotation and grinding for graphite

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 Graphite products are divided into two categories: flake graphite and microcrystalline graphite.
Crystalline graphite has good natural floatability. In China, flotation is mainly used for its beneficiation. Since the size of the graphite is one of its most important quality indicators, a multi-stage grinding and multiple-selection process is used in the selection to separate large scale graphite. The commonly used collectors for flotation are kerosene, diesel oil, etc., the foaming agent is No. 2 oil, No. 4 oil, etc., the adjusting agent is lime, sodium carbonate, and the inhibitor is water glass.
Since the hardness of graphite ore is generally moderately hard or moderately hard, the grade is generally between 2% and 10%. The crushing process is relatively simple, and a three-stage open circuit, two open circuits or a crushing process is often used. The flotation process is generally a closed-circuit process of multi-stage grinding, multi-stage sorting, and medium-mine order (or centralized) return. There are three forms of multi-stage processes, namely re-grinding of concentrates, re-grinding of mines and re-grinding of tailings. Crystalline graphite is mostly used in the regrind process of concentrate. Under normal circumstances, the recovery rate of ore dressing can reach about 80%.
The cryptocrystalline graphite crystal is extremely small, so it is also called microcrystalline graphite. Graphite particles are often embedded in clay, and separation is difficult. Due to the high grade of ore (generally containing 60% to 80% of carbon), many graphite mines directly produce crushed ore and sell graphite powder products.
This year, our company makes a new project about ore flotation plant, including graphite flotation plant. And our micro powder grinding mill can help the clients make high value graphite products. The graphite flotation plant can screen the large size mineral at first. And for its elaborate processing, graphite micro powder grinding mill can be an essential machine.
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