Carbon black refine machine for making N330

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 Basic knowledge of Carbon black N330
N330 is a high wear-resistant carbon black with normal vulcanization speed.
The basis for the classification of rubber carbon black is mainly based on the vulcanization rate and particle size of the rubber compound, including the degree of structure. The international naming method is four characters, the first character is N or S, N is the normal vulcanization rate, and S is the abnormal vulcanization rate. The particle size of the N100 series is 11-19, the particle size of the N200 series is 20-25, the particle size of the N300 series is 26-30, and the particle size of the N600 series is 49-60.
Carbon black N330 is used in tire treads, curtain rubber, sidewalls, hoses, rubber rollers, plastics and various rubber products. Carbon black N330 is a product with good reinforcing properties, which can give the rubber particles better tensile strength, tear resistance, abrasion resistance and elasticity. The rolling loss (hysteresis loss) of the passenger tires using this product is smaller than that of other varieties in the N330 carbon black series, and the dispersion and extrusion performance in the rubber powder is also good, and it is suitable for various synthetic rubbers and natural rubbers.
Carbon black N330 powder making process
The first stage: carbon black crushing
Carbon black N330 crushing is the first process. After the carbon black N330 is selected, it is coarsely broken by an ore pulverizer to form a fine crushed stone suitable for the mill's feed size ≤ 30 mm, and then transported to the raw material warehouse by a special vehicle.
Second stage: feeding
The dried carbon black N330 crushed stone is lifted by the hoist to the storage hopper, and the storage hopper is discharged and fed to the main machine of the mill by the feeder.
The third stage: grinding and refining
The qualified carbon black powder in the process is screened by the screening system and then enters the collector through the pipeline. After being collected, it is discharged into the standard carbon black N330 through the powder discharge tube. The unqualified product falls into the main machine and is re-milled.
Carbon black N330 powder mill type
30 -425 mesh carbon black N330 mill equipment: Raymond mill
Raymond Mill, also known as R series, pendulum mill, originated in the 1880s, was invented by Raymond Brothers.
Clirik Raymond mill belongs to the YGM series. This series carbon black Raymond mill has been updated many times after actual use.

carbon black N330 making machine
200-2500 mesh carbon black N330 ultra fine powder mill
HGM carbon black N330 ultra fine powder mill is another popular machine that has been improved mainly in the output powder size.

carbon black N330 making machine
Both of the two types carbon black powder mill has been put into use in different countries. If you have any interest, you can contact us and learn more. You can chat with us online or leave messages on our website. We will reply to you within 12 hours.

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