Low rolling resistance and carbon black for high performance tires

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Low rolling resistance tires or “green tires” are the main direction of tire development. It is based on the development of radial tires to further reduce vehicle fuel consumption and reduce vehicle emissions, thereby achieving further energy conservation and environmental protection. “Green tires” require tires to have both wear resistance, driving safety (mainly wet skid resistance) and low rolling resistance. These three properties are contradictory in tread rubbers reinforced with conventional carbon black varieties. And low rolling resistance carbon black (also known as low-lag carbon black) can maintain good wear resistance and wet skid resistance while reducing tire rolling resistance and heat generation. To this end, major foreign carbon black companies have begun to improve the microstructure and surface properties of carbon black, and research and development of a new series of low rolling resistance carbon black products. For example, Degussa has developed a higher surface activity, so-called "nanostructured carbon black" or "inversion black" (Inversion Black), and Cabot Corporation of the United States has developed "two-phase carbon black", also known as ECOBLACK. (Environmental carbon black), which is characterized by a small amount of silica embedded in the nano-scale in the carbon black aggregate, so that the tire has both low rolling resistance when using white carbon black and good when using carbon black. Wear resistance and wet skid resistance. High-performance tires include ultra-high-range radial tires, high-speed radial tires and racing tires, all of which require high strength, high wear resistance and high wet skid resistance. To this end, we have developed a series of high-performance carbon black varieties with high reinforcement, high wear resistance and good maneuverability.
The carbon black manufacturing method includes an oil furnace method, a gas furnace method, a lamp tobacco method, a tank method, a drum method, a gas mixing method, a thermal cracking method and an acetylene method, and the oil furnace method can produce many varieties, high efficiency, and low consumption. It is the main method currently used, and its output accounts for more than 95% of the total carbon black production. Other methods, due to their unique product characteristics, are indispensable in some applications and still maintain a small amount of production.
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