Explosive dust-carbon black powder

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 All explosive dusts are flammable; but not all combustible dusts can explode. Carbon black is flammable and can explode.
The minimum explosive concentration (MEC) of suspended carbon black dust in air is >50g/m3. This concentration is much higher than current occupational exposure limits. The main difference between carbon black and other explosive dusts is that carbon black causes a high level of ignition energy for dust explosions.
According to international test methods (eg ASTM 2019, EN 13821, VDI 2263), most of the carbon black dust (>50 g/m3) suspended in air has a minimum ignition energy (MIE) of >1 kJ. MEC and MIE depend on particle size and moisture content. These parameters may change when carbon black is mixed with other materials, especially when carbon black is mixed with combustibles or combustibles. Therefore, it is recommended to test specific mixtures to determine the explosion parameters. The smoldering carbon black releases carbon monoxide (CO), which, when combined with carbon black, forms an explosive mixture with the air. Depending on the composition of the mixture (CO/carbon black), explosion parameters (such as lower flammability limits, MEC and MIE) may vary. Carbon black dust may cause secondary dust explosion (the shock wave of the first first explosion can form a carbon black dust cloud, and the shock wave energy detonates the dust cloud and then the second explosion).
In order to minimize the accumulation of carbon black emissions at horizontal and certain vertical surfaces, good engineering practices, good cleaning practices, and effective dust removal systems must be implemented. For carbon black dust, it should be minimized and cleaned regularly.
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