Further treatment for pigment carbon black

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 Pigment carbon black generally can better color plastics, and the choice of coloring carbon black is basically determined by the blackness that must be achieved by the finished product. Very fine coloring carbon black can be used to achieve particularly high coloration of blackness; PE garbage bags, plastic bags, cable materials and other products only need moderate level blackness, which can use carbon black varieties with lower specific surface area and higher structure. When the color plastic is toned, the slight error of the carbon black weighing and the ingredients will cause obvious chromatic aberration. Therefore, it is preferable to use a low-color carbon black with a large particle size and poor coloring power. For gray plastics, fine-grained pigment blacks tend to exhibit a brownish-grey gray, while coarse-grained pigmented carbon blacks produce a blue-phase gray.
Characteristics of pigment carbon black
1. Compared to other pigments, carbon black has better tinting strength and hiding power.
2. Compared with other pigments, carbon black has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and light resistance.
3. Carbon black has a particle size of only a few nanometers to several tens of nanometers, and its porosity is 90%, which is also an inorganic material. Ordinary carbon black is difficult to stably disperse into the organic resin system, and the pigment carbon black produced by the strict control and special modification process can well disperse in the coating, ink and plastic systems.
4. Compared with rubber carbon black, pigment carbon black has more and more special requirements for quality indicators such as blackness, tinting strength, surface activity, electrical conductivity, ash, toluene transmittance, dispersibility and fluidity.

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