How to process wasted tyres

Author : Clirik

 As the number of cars has increased, the number of used tires has increased. There are data showing that the world produces 35 million tons of waste tires per year, but the recovery rate is less than 5%. Waste tires are toxic and harmful solid wastes, have strong heat resistance and degradation resistance, and will not degrade after being buried in the ground for 100 years. However, recycled used tires can be ground into rubber powder. After being recycled into recycled rubber, they can be used in the manufacture of plastic flooring, plastic runway and other industries. If they are added to natural rubber in proportion, they can be used to make new tires.
The rubber powder grinding mill is a new technology introduced by Clirik in the production of rubber powder at home and abroad. It has improved the large-scale equipment, has the disadvantages of large investment and high energy consumption. It has designed a tire grinding unit, and the waste tire is broken by the crusher. After that, as raw materials for building materials and rubber products, including waste tires made of cement bricks, floor tiles or alternative building materials. If you further use the mill to "mill" and remove the original steel wire and cotton wool impurities in the waste tire, you can make rubber powder, recycled rubber and other related rubber products with high rubber content. The grinding equipment has long service life and is suitable for producing high-fine rubber powder. The product has good quality and strong adaptability. It has special functions for processing fiber-containing plastics and is an ideal machine for rubber powdering in the future.

By and large, the whole process flow can be divided in two main parts: Tire pyrolysis and carbon black grinding. Our factory is mainly dedicated in the second part processing. Carbon black ultra fine powder grinding mill and carbon black Raymond grinding mill can be provided according to the actual needs. And we also can contact the tire pyrolysis machine manufacturer for further requirements.
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