Application of carbon black in coatings

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Used in cars
When people look at the appearance of a car, the car finish gives a sense of beauty. Automotive topcoats are used to provide protection and the look that people need. This carbon black is widely used in primary color (black) pigments, with high blackness, high gloss and UV resistance. There is also high purity, low residual salt and higher blackness.
Automotive primers are generally not visible, but they are the basis of surface coating systems. Requirements for primer carbon black include dispersibility, purity, and sometimes electrical conductivity.
Automotive electrophoretic paints are mainly divided into two categories, one is electrophoretic coating itself; the other is conductive, can be coated on a non-conductive substrate, and then coated with electrophoretic paint. The performance of the carbon black used in these two automotive electrophoretic paints is not the same.
Carbon black for architectural coatings
In architectural coatings, carbon black is mainly used for coloring. The coarser particles and the easily dispersible carbon black are more suitable. If UV resistance is required, it is suitable to use carbon black with a particle size of 20 μm. As a coloring pigment, it is generally required to have good stability, is not easy to produce floating color and hair color, and has a blue phase color tone.
Used in general color paste
Universal color paste refers to a color paste that can be used in both aqueous and solvent-based coatings. The universal color paste contains a pigment dispersed in a mixture of a solvent, a cosolvent, a diluent, and a wetting agent. Resin solids are rarely added. Some of these uses include special requirements for long-term inventory, including long-term effective stability of color, anti-flocculation, viscosity stability and anti-sinking. The coarse particle size carbon black is highly stable and is therefore widely used in general purpose colorants.
Carbon black for powder coating
The powder coating is essentially free of VOC release. The basic preparation of the powder coating is to first disperse the pigment in the desired resin system and then convert the dispersion into a powder. The dispersion of the pigment is a continuous process which is extruded through an extrusion head using a mixing extruder, then chopped, and then ground to a powder state.
Whether carbon black can be completely dispersed in an extruder with low shear force is the key to producing a qualified product. When choosing a carbon black variety, color is of course important, but it depends on its dispersion efficiency. Surface treated carbon black has its unique advantages in powder coatings.
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