Significance of using various carbon black inspection indicators

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 1. Impurities (If the single item is unqualified, it can be judged as unqualified)
The impurities of carbon black are generally measured through different sieving screens of different specifications. Oversized particles that cannot pass through 20 mesh (sieve diameter 840um) are called impurities. The particulate impurities in carbon black include hard carbon, iron filings, furnace scraps, and foreign matter mixed in the packaging and transportation process. Hard carbon is a coke-like substance formed by carbonization of raw material oil droplets without carbonization during the carbon black formation reaction. Normal carbon black products do not allow excessive particulate impurities (sieve diameter> 840 um).
2. Iodine absorption value, CTAB adsorption specific surface area, nitrogen adsorption specific surface area, STSA
These four indicators reflect the size and specific surface area of carbon black. The four methods are used simultaneously to eliminate method errors of various detection methods. All of them indicate that carbon black has a smaller specific surface area and a larger diameter. Specific surface area refers to the total surface area of carbon black particles per unit mass or unit volume. The specific surface area of carbon black is divided into external specific surface area, internal specific surface area and total specific surface area. In recent years, specific surface area has replaced particle size as the main basis for classification of carbon black varieties.
Specific surface area measurement methods are commonly used:
(1) Iodine absorption method: The unit is expressed by the mass of iodine adsorbed per gram (or per kilogram) of carbon black. This method is a specific surface area measurement method commonly used for carbon black for rubber. The specific surface area of carbon black can be directly expressed by the iodine absorption value.
(2) CTAB adsorption specific surface area measurement: CTAB (hexadecyltrimethylamine bromide), CTAB surface area is the outer or smooth surface area of carbon black; the outer surface area is equivalent to the real interface between rubber and carbon black, CTAB Adsorption specific surface area The main method for determining the external specific surface area of carbon black.
(3) STSA (Statistical Layer Thickness Method): Determine the external specific surface area.
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