800 mesh Carbon black powder making machine

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Carbon black is a fine powder produced by incomplete combustion of carbon-containing raw materials (mainly petroleum). The appearance is pure black fine particles or powder. The depth of the color, the fineness of the particles, and the size of the specific gravity vary with the raw materials and manufacturing methods used. Carbon black is insoluble in water, acids, and alkalis; it can burn into carbon dioxide in the air. The main composition of carbon black is carbon element, and also contains a small amount of hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, ash, tar and water.
Commercial carbon black should have certain specifications.
Carbon black is an important pigment second only to titanium dioxide. It consumes about 6 million tons of rubber carbon black worldwide every year, and about 250,000 tons of special carbon black for coloring and other uses. The so-called special carbon black refers to its use in "coloring" or "conductive", rather than the reinforcement of rubber carbon black. Carbon black is manufactured through a precisely controlled production method, which can form about 50 different varieties, and 30 types can be used in the rubber industry. There are more types of carbon black used for coloring and other purposes, including dispersion of carbon black, masterbatch, conductive compound, slurry and paint film.
The 800 mesh carbon black ultrafine mill is also called HGM environmental protection carbon black powder ultrafine mill. It is a kind of high-absorption milling equipment. It is an upgraded new product of traditional milling equipment. It can grind the materials many times. It is composed of a milling machine, a cyclone powder collector, a pulse dust collector, a high-pressure fan, an air compressor, electrical appliances, a connecting air pipe and other parts. After the material enters the grinding chamber, it is shoveled by a shovel knife, crushed and crushed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and blown into the analysis machine for sorting under the action of the fan. After falling into the grinding room for processing, the qualified fine powder is discharged into the finished product collector with the air flow, and discharged from the discharge port to complete the grinding process.

800 mesh carbon black powder mill



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