Carbon black dispersion

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Dispersed carbon black is formed by forming a resin or polymer coating layer on the surface of the pigment carbon black, so that the original pigment agglomerates form more stable small agglomerates, that is to say, the carbon black dispersant must play a role with the pigment A strong affinity or force on the surface can make the stronger and more stable adsorption layer on the surface of the pigment, that is, the coating layer; at the same time, the solvent and resin in the carbon black dispersion system will also compete for adsorption of the pigment, and the dispersant must also Pigments form a stronger adsorption than resins and solvents to play a role in dispersion.
Dispersant for dispersing carbon black
The pigment carbon black in the carbon black series is a relatively easy-to-use pigment in black paints and paints. However, sometimes due to many reasons, the situation of flocculation will occur after a long time. To solve this phenomenon well, we must first clarify the mechanism of carbon black flocculation. It is the most difficult to disperse carbon black among the pigments of various colors, due to the extremely strong aggregation between the carbon black particles, which is caused by the high oil absorption. In addition, carbon black, especially the surface area of pigmented carbon black after oxidation treatment is generally relatively large, easy to absorb moisture in the surrounding environment.
In addition, to form a stable dispersion system, it must have a sufficiently long solvation segment, that is, the dispersant must have a suitable molecular weight, so that during the storage of the coating, the carbon black particles will not be collided by Brownian motion Re-flocculate into large particles or extend the time for flocculation to return to coarse.
Our company can provide carbon black powder grinding machine. And there are some tips for prolonging the carbon black powder grinding machine service life.
If the milled carbon black material has complex properties and no screening treatment is performed, then when the equipment wears out, the damage rate of the grinding ring and the grinding roller is higher. The higher the hardness of carbon black, the greater the matte damage to the accessories. At work, there is a high possibility of micro cracks or micro holes in the beginning. Therefore, in order to make carbon black mill accessories durable, the properties of the materials need to be strengthened. For example, do the screening work in advance and adjust the parameters at all times, so that the accessories of the carbon black mill can be durable.
carbon black powder grinding machine

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