Refining carbon black powder

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According to the structure and physical form of carbon black, the volume density of carbon black varies greatly among various grades of carbon black. Due to the presence of enclosed air, the volume density of carbon black is lower than the true density (specific gravity) of carbon black.
When stored under environmental conditions, carbon black is not susceptible to decomposition and its shelf life is not limited. Over time, carbon black absorbs moisture until it reaches an equilibrium value. If the influence of moisture is important, the carbon black should be stored in a dry environment and sealed as much as possible. Generally, in air or oxygen, carbon black begins to decompose between 450 degrees Celsius and 500 degrees Celsius. Carbon black does not decompose in nitrogen at these temperatures. The ash content of carbon black is usually measured at 550 degrees Celsius.

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Carbon black is largely composed of graphite-like carbon layers. Similar to graphite, carbon black shows electrical conductivity and has a relatively low resistance (it is a semiconductor).
There are few available data on the thermal conductivity of carbon black. Research on the thermal conductivity of carbon black-containing rubber compounds and non-carbon black-containing rubber compounds shows that carbon black improves the thermal conductivity of rubber products.
The particle size of carbon black aggregates depends on the grade of carbon black, and each grade of carbon black has its own average aggregate particle size. The average aggregate particle size is usually in the range of 0.01 to 1.0 microns. Aggregates of carbon black are formed by the fusion of smaller units called primary particles, forming a three-dimensional branched structure or cluster. This fusion is controlled by the reactor, resulting in different degrees of clusters. Carbon black grades that allow particles to aggregate to form relatively large and complex aggregates are called high structural grades. The level at which the aggregation range is minimized is called the low structure level.
The color strength is based on the reflectance measurement of the slurry composed of carbon black and zinc oxide in the oil. It is used to measure the ability of carbon black to reduce the amount of reflected light. By reducing the size of the primary particles, higher color strength can be obtained.
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