Performance comparison of N990 carbon black and spray carbon black

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 The granulated N990 thermal cracking carbon black not only prevents the generation of dust and harmful air during processing, and maintains the user's health, but also the granulated carbon black is easier to carry, reduces transportation costs, and improves Its fluidity makes it easier to charge with a gas delivery device. Because spray carbon black has not undergone granulation, the processing and mixing time has to be extended, which consumes more energy, generates higher temperatures (which may cause scorching of rubber), and reduces the utilization rate of the equipment. It may even occur that the presence of undispersed carbon black causes voids in the rubber product and the appearance quality of the product.

1. 325 mesh sieve residue content
The high content of sieve residues and magnetic substances (such as metal fragments) can cause the appearance quality of rubber products and other quality problems. In actual production, especially in the production of O-rings, gaskets, wind and rain seals, and automotive wipers, this is the main cause of waste. The increase in scrap rate increases production costs accordingly. N990 thermal cracking carbon black has a low sieve residue, which can not only improve the yield, but also reduce the wear on the mold and increase the continuous production time.
2. Specific surface area
The specific surface area of sprayed carbon black is larger than that of N990 thermal cracking carbon black. Theoretically, the particles of sprayed carbon black are smaller than those of N990 thermal cracking carbon black, and the reinforcement is better. However, the filling amount of N990 thermal cracking carbon black in the rubber compound is larger. The technical indicators will not decrease with the increase of the fraction of N990 thermal cracking carbon black.
3. Heating loss
N990 thermal cracking method carbon black heating loss is significantly lower than spray carbon black. If the carbon black has a high moisture content, it may cause bubbles in the product during vulcanization, which may cause pores and appearance quality problems inside the product. Therefore, in production, we prefer to use carbon black with a low moisture content.
4. Sulfur content
The sulfur content in spray carbon black has been tested much higher than that of N990 thermal cracking carbon black. In the processing of fluorine rubber, because fluorine rubber is highly saturated rubber, sulfur vulcanization system cannot be used, so spray carbon black is not suitable for the production and processing of fluorine rubber.
In summary, we believe that compared with spray carbon black, N990 thermal cracking carbon black as a functional filler has the advantages of small heating loss, high purity, large particles, low structure, good fluidity, high filling volume, etc. It is more suitable for related rubber products, especially in the production of compounds that are more expensive, have strict dimensional tolerances, and require excellent dynamic properties, such as fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber, EPDM, neoprene , Butyl rubber, etc.
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