How to reduce the crushing rate of superconducting carbon black during rubber mixing?

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Superconducting carbon black can achieve the effect of general conductive carbon black with the dosage of 1/2~1/5. Because of its small dosage and high conductivity, it has no effect on basic materials such as coatings, plastics, rubber, etc., and can obtain conductivity and Material balance. After superconducting carbon black is used to fill natural rubber and neoprene, the rubber compound will also produce a PTC effect, that is, its resistance will increase with the increase of temperature. And when the amount is less than 20 parts, the resistivity of the rubber compound is more sensitive to temperature.

carbon black powder

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The breaking rate refers to the powder content fraction of superconducting carbon black entering the rubber mixing process.
The powder content also needs to be controlled. Generally, carbon black particles larger than 125μm are called granules, and smaller than 125μm are called powders. Too high powder content will affect the quality of rubber mixing. What exactly affects the crushing rate?
From the point of view of the form of motion in the conveying air flow, due to the difference in size and content of the particles, the air resistance is different, and the size and direction of the motion speed of the particles will change, causing the motion speed and direction of the particles to change and obvious speed difference between particles, friction and collision with each other. Even superconducting carbon black particles with the same size, quality, and shape will have different crushing rates when they are in different pipe positions during movement. The reason is that the axial velocity, the mirror image velocity and the circumferential velocity of some positions in the pipeline are different.
The particle characteristics of superconducting carbon black is another influence factor. The particle packing density, crushing strength, particle size, particle shape and other factors of carbon black also have a certain influence on the crushing rate.
The crushing strength of superconducting carbon black, under the same conditions of transportation distance, pipeline layout and transportation parameters, the greater the crushing strength of particles, the smaller the increase in crushing rate after transportation.
Hygroscopicity also matters. If the superconducting carbon black is stored in the atmosphere for too long, it will be easier to agglomerate during transportation, which will affect the transportation capacity and the residual amount in the transportation pipeline.

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