Acetylene Carbon Black

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Acetylene black is carbon black obtained by continuous pyrolysis of acetylene with a purity of more than 99%, obtained by the decomposition and refining of by-product gas during the pyrolysis of calcium carbide or naphtha (crude gasoline).
After heating the inside of the reactor to a temperature above 800°C, the starting temperature of acetylene decomposition, acetylene is introduced to start thermal decomposition. Due to the exothermic reaction, the reaction can proceed automatically. In order to obtain stable quality, the reaction temperature should be kept at about 1800°C. The temperature in the furnace can be controlled by the water-cooled jacket of the outer tube of the reaction furnace.
Acetylene black is used as the negative electrode material of nickel-hydrogen battery with chromium oxide and electrolyte. Compared with furnace carbon black, its crystallization and secondary structure are more developed, so the conductivity and liquid absorption are also better. Since there are few impurities such as heavy metals, the loss caused by self-discharge is small. It is mainly used for the negative electrode of Ni-MH battery, and Li battery is also used.
Acetylene black is mainly used for electrical conductivity, heat conduction, coloring and reinforcement. The following includes its main uses.
Manufacture of dry batteries, which can improve electrical conductivity, increase discharge capacity and extend discharge time.
Battery plates, including lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries, etc.
Conductive, anti-static rubber, silica gel and plastic, small ratio, good reinforcement, corrosion resistance, good processability, easy to control conductivity.
Cable shielding materials, accessories and wrapping materials.
Special tires and tire bladders play the role of reinforcement and heat conduction. The vulcanized rubber reinforced with it has high tensile strength and hardness, and good physical properties.
Telecommunication fax paper to prevent static electricity.
Electronic components and packaging materials.
Electromagnetic wave insulation and gas dispersion electrode.
The catalyst material plays a catalytic role in improving the activity.
Microwave absorbing materials.
Conductive and anti-static special paints, coatings and adhesives.
Glass beads and pigments, etc.
Packaging and storage and transportation conditions: Acetylene black is a non-dangerous product, but the surface is hygroscopic. It is packaged in three-layer kraft paper or plastic woven bags and should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. Keep it away from fire heat sources and store in isolation from oxidants. Do not subject to damp, hook, pull, drop, throw or heavy pressure. If there is leakage, the scattered carbon black is not allowed to be mixed into the product.

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