N990 carbon black product performance

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 Thermal pyrolysis carbon black N990 product performance: This series of carbon black has the characteristics of large particle size, small specific surface area, low structure, easy dispersion, good fluidity, and high filling capacity. It is usually used as a functional filler in the production of low-voltage wires and cables.
This product has excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance, and the sieve residue is very low. After granulation, the particles of the product are soft, easy to disperse, good fluidity, tortuous resistance, and good aging resistance. It is used to produce extremely environmentally friendly and pollution-free products, and is very suitable for use as raw materials for the production of export products (quality standards are in accordance with EU standards).
N990 carbon black series carbon black uses natural gas as a raw material, burns without flame under the condition of air isolation, and is produced by cracking. It is called thermal cracking carbon black. The basic performance of carbon black N990 is quite different from furnace carbon black. The advantages of carbon black N990 are mainly shown in: 1. Particle size and distribution, the average particle size is 280nm, the nitrogen surface area is 7-11 square meters/g, the sulfur absorption value is 10 g/kg, and the CTAB method surface area is 9 square meters/g; 2. The particle aggregation degree is very small or the structure is very low, showing as many individual spherical carbon black particles, the base part is composed of a few welded particles, compared with other varieties of carbon black, the overall aggregation degree is very low.
N990 carbon black is widely used in automobiles, machine tools and other rubber products because of their high filling capacity, good rubber elasticity and superior permanent non-deformation performance. At present, they are mainly used in polyacrylic resin rubber, fluorine rubber, and nitrile rubber. , Ethylene propylene rubber and other high-value special rubber products, the purpose is to maintain the characteristics of synthetic rubber, that is, high elasticity, low heat generation, low pressure change, flexibility, etc. N900 series carbon black is used in low-voltage wire and cable materials such as XLPE, neoprene, PVC, EPDM, SBR, CSM and natural rubber to make insulating materials, insulating sheaths, flexible cable sheaths, UL25 high-load sheaths, etc. , And used in cross-linked resins, such as PE, EVA or EEA compounds are very common.

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