Carbon black production line energy-saving technology

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In addition to improving the carbon black production line reactor structure and reaction process can save energy, the carbon black production line process energy-saving are mainly in taking full advantage of physics and chemistry hot flue gas.

Production practices prove that the use of air preheat reactor can reduce fuel consumption, and the amount of secondary chilled water and exhaust, improving exhaust heat value. Air preheating temperature increase per 100 , 1.95% of the total energy consumption can be reduced, thereby increasing air preheating temperature is an important measure of carbon black production of energy. However, the higher the air preheat temperature, structure, materials and production operations and control requirements for air preheater is also higher, the higher the cost.

Currently some carbon black production line manufactures abroad are promoting application-level air preheater 800 , 900 level air preheater has begun to put into industrial operation, 1000 level air preheater is preparing the design and manufacturing stages. Using air preheater 900 can save fuel 8.48 percent, 5.60 percent increase in production than using 800 using air preheater. Further, before the quench boiler air preheater using all or part of a substituted quench water, so that the high temperature flue gas down to 950 ~ C, can significantly reduce the amount of quench water and the amount of exhaust gas, thereby further reducing energy consumption, increase production capacity.

India is ongoing industrialization of new boiler quench test. In order to further energy conservation, is developing new technologies or brewing: the fuel gas preheated to 500-600 ; the exhaust gas through the water column, the temperature was lowered to 40 , the removal of most of the water vapor in the exhaust gas, improve exhaust heat value, which can take advantage of the high thermal efficiency of gas turbine power generation, but also the removal of sulfur and black exhaust dust, received the dual effect of energy conservation and environmental protection.

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