Carbon black production line technology progress

Author : Clirik

Recently years, Shanghai Clirik reactor and the reaction process have continuous improvement.

Carbon black reactor is the core part of oil furnace carbon black production line, improving the carbon black reactor structure and reaction process is to change the product performance and the measures to increase the yield and the yield of raw oil.

1, improve the single furnace production capacity, reduce power consumption and other expenses plant construction unit production capacity of investment and operation, thereby reducing the cost of carbon black production line, the current single-furnace production capacity has reached 40,000 -5 tons / year.

2, Improve flame temperature can accelerate the generation of carbon core, improve product quality and yield. Due to the restrictions of refractories, current temperature is generally 1900 , up to 2100 .

3, In the oil furnace carbon black production apparatus, the use of oxygen enriched air or pure oxygen substitution process air, can significantly reduce the amount of flue gas and exhaust, to improve the production capacity of the device, reducing the amount of quench water, improved exhaust heat value. Now using the oil furnace carbon black production line apparatus of the oxygen content of 27% of the oxygen-enriched air, has been reported.

4, improve feedstock atomization process, multi-point fuel injection, irregular injection, various additives or activation agent means to improve product performance and improve yield.

5, water jacket with metal pipes, in order to solve the high-temperature, high-speed flame gas pipes easily deformed under erosion problems.

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